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Montessori Inspired  Ideas for kids and parrents from Lillian Penland

Best montessori toys for 2 year old

May 3 2017

The terrible twos as they're called morning in! However, you will not need to fear this transitional change for your son or daughter, it could be managed. There are strategies that could help this period to be an easy transition. This can be accomplished by giving kids choices to avoid power struggles and giving chance to do the tasks proposed to them and letting them accomplish things independently. At this point, as they grow up, children must be given more freedom. This is often revealed in the environment. How one orders it such that the child can independently achieve things for himself. This subsequently gives him/her the sense of achievement and in turn develops a high self-esteem. The key is to prepare the environment in which he can triumph in order to do things by himself safely. For young kid things might need to be set up step by step, which might be boring and slow for adults but is essential for a kid who's learning.

Practical Life

Montessori observed that kids wanted to help in the upkeep of their own environment. She then developed practical life actions. This can be actions that adults do every day that children may wish to copy and see. It may be as easy as sweeping, mopping and dusting, or as complex as washing clothing, or dishes. For the house one can have a kid sized dustpan and broom and mop. Kids enjoy to clean up. Direct them to where you could rationally keep the mop when they may see a mess and show them how one does it properly, if they do not already know from watching the adult. When your actions are always exaggerated by showing children a special activity so they will not miss details of performing that easy endeavor that we as adults may take for granted. Ask your son or daughter to assist with the tiniest tasks as placing the clothing in the wash, wiping up their own table after themselves, placing dishes in the dishwasher, mopping, sweeping, and dressing themselves.

Care for the environment

As mentioned earlier, have child sized brooms, mops materials (for wiping the table) and sponges to permit the child to clean like they grownups do. A little watering can that the little one can carry himself can likewise be used. At the place where they are able to get water for themselves, instruct the kid and to walk quite attentively when taking the watering can water. You can have a little sponge which goes on the tip of the spout to prevent this from happening with younger children. The plants can be potted indoor plants or in the backyard garden.

Dwelling Area Set Up

In this place one can have one small ledge for his playthings that he or she may use when with the family. One can also have a child sized wooden table and seat for the little one in order to utilize for his work/play. They can use other mediums for craft or large sizes crayons additionally accessible to the little one. One can decide to possess painting available but this might be best for the outdoor as the mess could be harder to clean for indoors. You may also provide a small rug or mat for the kid to work on instead of the table. Their work is then contained by this to a certain area.

Bedroom Setup

The kid at this age can have their very own bed. If it is too high and you are frightened they might fall, a mattress can nevertheless be put on the floor once the child is going to learn from that encounter for if when the child falls, but you may notice that when this occurs. Playthings can each be separated by its own kind in a basket that'll contain all its own parts. Let your child to be able to see what they're selecting to play with without really making a wreck. Kids at this age want outside order to be able to acquire their own awareness of internal order. If they choose to, have his toys in a low shelf where they are able to reach it easily. At this period instruct your kid to put things away when they truly are finished. This also lets them contribute to the order in their own environment. As these are excellent habits to be kept for life, make cleaning up a habit as early as now. Have a tiny drawer for your kid’s clothes. This will definitely enable them to select what they would like to wear for the day as they might start to reveal their preference. Give your son or daughter limited alternatives so they're going to still dress suitably for the weather. For example give them a choice between a blue or red jumper for winter. If they're unable to choose then only pick for them.

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